Q- When's my rent due?

A- Rent is due on the 1st of each month. If a move-in is scheduled mid-month the tenant would pay the full first month rent at move-in, then a prorated rent on the first of the coming month.

Q- How do I pay my rent?

A- We use RentecDirect.com as our management software. This allows the tenant to have an online rent payment portal, enter Work Orders, and allows us to have proper accounting for tenants and homeowners.

Q- Do you allow pets at your properties?

A- Pets are determined by each individual homeowner. Most are open to allowing pets but the type, size, and breed may vary from home to home. Pet deposits are required.

Q- How do I submit a maintenance request?

A- Through your convenient portal at RentecDirect.com

Q- Are lease terms flexible?

A- Lease terms are flexible, taking into consideration the homeowners and tenants needs. Be sure to ask your agent to help you negotiate the lease term before applying and signing the lease.

Q- Am I allowed to hang things or paint my property?

A- Yes, you are. When you move out you must fill any holes created and touch up any paint that may be needed.

Q- What are my responsibilities as a tenant?

A- Tenant responsibilities are to pay your rent on time, keep up with overall cleanliness of the property, and maintain the property with general upkeep and maintenance. This includes keeping it bug/pest free, not smoking or doing any illegal activity on the property, changing HVAC filters, light bulbs, maintaining and watering the lawn, and reporting any maintenance issues in a timely fashion so that we can get it repaired and not cause further damage or issues. The two biggest mistakes tenants make are not reporting maintenance because they don't want to be a burden, and not reading thoroughly or understanding the lease before they sign it. We are here to answer any questions, and we want to repair appliances or systems that break in the home, so that you can enjoy living in it!

Q- What happens if I get locked out?

A- We do keep a key on file, but there may be a trip charge if required to come let you in, as well as cost to cut a new key. If in case of an emergency a rekey is needed to be done, we do require to always have a copy of current key on file.